You create a product or service that you are proud of. You put all your time and effort into making it great. Then you have to go out and sell it.

And selling is hard.

Then, when you do get clients, are they clients that you enjoy working with.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you have most likely dealt with a “difficult” client. A client that you really could live without but it’s hard to give them up. It’s hard to turn down the sale.

What we need to identify is who our dream client would be? If we could choose who we work with, who would that be? We need to define our dream client.

Let’s look at the 3 step process to coming up with our dream client.

3 Steps To Define Your Dream Client

1. Build an Avatar

define target market

We first need to look at all the demographics that make up our dream client. Start by asking questions.

The questions below will help you build an avatar of your dream client. You should be able to visualize what this person looks like and even give them a name to help solidify your definition.

  • How old are they?
  • Are they male or female?
  • Are they married or single?
  • Do they have kids?
  • Do they own or rent their home?
  • Where do they work?
  • How much money do they make?

Answer these questions and be very specific to create your dream client. Will your customer look exactly like this?

Not always. But it’s good to always be thinking about what your avatar wants and how they would react to your changes to your brand, products or services.

2. Learn Where They Live Online

social media target market

In order to sell anything online, you need to know where your potential customers are hanging out. Think about the following questions.

  • What social media platform do they prefer to use?
  • What Facebook or LinkedIn groups do they belong to?
  • What blogs do they read every day?
  • Who are the other thought leaders that they follow?
  • What industry or market specific websites that they visit regularly?

Creating Facebook ads designed to attract clients that hang out predominantly on Twitter will do you know good. You have to BE where your potential customers ARE.

3. Identify Their Pain Points

pain points target market

To be successful your product or service must provide a solution to a problem your customers face. You need to think about those problems and how they are affecting your potential customers.

  • What are their pain points?
  • What are they struggling with?
  • How are they feeling right now?
  • Are they frustrated, fed up, have they lost hope?

List out all of their pain points. Write down all the things that are causing them trouble right now.

Think about how your product or service will provide a solution to those pain points. These pain points will drive your sales copy.

Once you have defined your dream client, you’ll be able to focus your efforts and increase your sales.

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