What types of blog posts get the most traffic to your website?

Blogging is an incredible medium for lead generation.

If you create content that is compelling then you will get traffic and you will generate leads.

However, you can’t just pick a topic and ramble on for 1500 words.

No matter how hot that topic is, if you are not concise and to the point you will lose your readers attention.

The attention spans are just not there anymore.

In today’s video I discuss the 4 types of blog posts that will give you the most traffic and generate most leads for your business.

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In my experience writing for blogs and also being a big reader of blogs, the structure of a post can be just as important as the content.

Let’s be clear. Great content is always going to win and it’s always going to produce.

However, the structure of your content will help get and keep your readers attention.

This is why the types of blog posts you create can be as important as the content itself.

My Top 4 Types of Blog Posts

1. How To Blog Post

The ability to teach someone something is a straight up super power for a marketer.

The most successful blogger that I have followed are all great teachers.

That is the great thing about the internet today. It is a wellspring of endless knowledge.

If you have a talent or expertise and can convey that with passion you will be successful online.

The question is… what can you teach?

You don’t have to be a rock star or a big name.

You just have to know something that someone else doesn’t.

It’s that simple.

Share that knowledge and you can build a following, build trust, generate leads and make sales.

If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society's heroes. - Guy Kawasaki #teach Click To Tweet

2. Product Review Blog Post

Whether you are selling your own product or a service or promoting as an affiliate, reviews are a great way to make sales.

The best way to create an effective product review post is to start by pointing out the problem or pain and explain how the product or service solves that issue.

Tell a story.

People need to be moved to make a decision.

A well done review and product story can do the moving.

3. List Blog Post

Everyone loves a list.

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools, 5 Instagram Post Ideas or today’s post… 4 Types of Blog Post to Grow Your Brand.

These are just a few of the posts that I have done with a list structure.

Lists are a very simple way to structure a blog post.

Lists make a blog post easy and compelling to read.

It’s actually difficult to not get through a list when reading.

You just have to know what all the list items are, right?

You can also easily combine a how to with a list.

Just list out the steps or procedures for what you are teaching.

4. Guest Blog Post

Guest posts can bring you a whole new audience.

You can benefit from both having someone write a post on your site or from writing a post on theirs.

Networking and collaboration are often the fastest way to grow your following and your brand.

The best part about a guest post is that it benefits both parties.

The blog owner gets new, fresh content for their site and the guest poster gets in front of a new audience.

It’s a win-win!

Too many people worry about sharing the spotlight on their site or that their subscribers might find someone new to follow.

Provide value to your readers and they will appreciate it.

Allowing someone of value to write on your blog will only strengthen your relationship with your subscribers.

Creating content for you blog can be a bit challenging at times.

You have to be consistent to get good results.

Using these 4 types of blog posts will not only give you good structure to your posts, they will also help you find ideas for posts.

Just keep these post types in mind when you are looking for ideas.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What can I teach someone?
What products can I review that my readers would find valuable?
What lists would bring my subscribers value?
Who in my network would my followers find interesting?

All of these questions revolve around what value you bring to those reading your blog.

ALWAYS keep their interests at the forefront when creating any content.

Which of these 4 types of posts are most appealing to you? Which one could you sit down and write today?

I’d love to find out so be sure to comment below.

Also, please like and share if you found value learning about these 4 types of blog posts.

To Your Success!

Steve Stark

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