Finding the best WordPress themes for marketing can be tough process.

There are thousands of themes, both free and premium.

One of my favorite theme to work with for marketing is OptimizePress.

The OptimizePress Theme

Best WordPress Theme for Marketing OptimizePress

OptimizePress is my top recommendation for website owners looking to market a product or service.

The theme is highly customizable and has great templates for landing pages, sales pages and membership site portals.

Here are a few reasons why I feel OptimizePress may be the best WordPress themes for marketing.

5 Reasons OptimizePress is One of the Best WordPress Themes for Marketing

1. Page Templates

The drag and drop Live Editor allows you to use the templates to create pages quickly and easily.

Whether you need to create landing pages or pages for a sales funnel, OptimizePress makes it simple with templates.

Some of the templates include opt-in/landing pages, sales pages, webinars pages, membership pages, launch pages and more.

Just pick a template and customize it just the way you like.

best wordpress themes for marketing

2. Elements

In my opinion, elements are the biggest reason why OptimizePress is one of the best WordPress themes for marketing.

This feature makes it easy for even a novice to add professional elements to a page or post.

Some of my favorite elements include:

  • Feature Box
  • Hyperlink
  • Optin Box
  • Pricing table
  • Video Player

These are all elements that I use in nearly every page and post I create.

It’s as simple as choosing a spot on the page, clicking Add Element and picking the element you want to use.

Best WordPress Themes for Marketing - Elements

3. Easy Integration

Integrations can cause website owners a lot of headaches.

From Autoresponders to Payment systems, integrations often take a lot of work to function properly.

OptimizePress does a very nice job of making it easy to integrate all the most popular systems with your site.

Best WordPress Themes for Marketing - Integration

4. Responsive

A responsive theme smoothly adjusts the layout of a website for multiple types of devices.

With 65% of website traffic coming from mobile, you have to have a responsive theme.

It is really frustrating to work with a non-responsive theme on you mobile device.

Most people just move on.

And that means you are losing business.

OptimizePress has you covered with a responsive design.

Best WordPress Themes for Marketing - Responsive

5. Tutorials

Another great thing about OptimizePress is that YOU can create your own marketing website.

OptimizePress offers video tutorials on a ton of features within the theme.

Some of the tutorial topics include:

  • Starter Guide
  • Install OptimizePress
  • Activate OptimizePress
  • OptimizePress Basics
  • Landing Pages
  • Membership Pages
  • Blog Setup
  • Launch Pages

Everything you need to get your site running smoothly with a professional look.

Best WordPress Themes for Marketing - Tutorials


You can also start with one of the templates and customize it however you like.

OptimizePress provides a great deal of training and tutorials on their site and is pretty user friendly.

The cost of this theme is $97 and includes 1 year of support and core updates.

I hope you found value with today’s post.

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