Why is it so difficult to have effective virtual meetings.

Meetings are a necessity for a business owner.

Unfortunately we have too many meetings that are not productive.

But we don’t have to have these non-productive meetings.

With new online tools like Uberconference we can gather and get things done.

In today’s video I review the web conferencing site Uberconference.com and talk about some tips to have an effective virtual meeting.


6 Tips to Have Effective Virtual Meetings

Be Prepared

When you are not prepared you are telling everyone else that the meeting wasn’t that important to you.

And if the meeting isn’t important enough for you to prepare, then do you really need to attend?

As a meeting organizer, it’s your job to help others prepare for your meeting.

Create an agenda and be clear about what you want to accomplish with your meeting.

Doing this will help everyone be prepared and more engaged.

Connect Everyone

Nothing makes a meeting more uncomfortable than not being familiar with the other people in the meeting.

Make everyone comfortable.

Be sure each person is introduced properly and that everyone knows each persons purpose in the meeting.

Again, preparation is important.

Do your homework and understand how each person fits in the meeting.

Encourage Participation

Don’t let people be wall-flowers in your meetings.

You asked them to join the meeting for a reason.

Have questions prepared to encourage discussion.

Your attendees need to feel what they have to offer is valuable.

If they do, they will contribute far more to the meeting.

Don’t be a Multi-Tasker

Be present!

There’s nothing worse than missing a question because you’re trying to do other things during your online meeting.

Then you get the Buehler, Buehler, Buehler from the others in the group.

They all know you’re doing something else and not really paying attention.

We get so “busy” that sometimes (usually too often) we aren’t truly present for our meetings.

Shut everything else off and focus on the meeting.

Finalize Thoughts

When you wrap things up be sure to acknowledge everyone that attended.

It may seem obvious but if it’s your meeting, thank everyone for attending.

Give a summary of what was discussed and go through any action items that need to be done.

Also, never leave a meeting without setting up the next engagement.

How will you get back in touch?

Do you need to schedule a follow-up meeting?

Now is the time to schedule any follow-ups.

Don’t wait to try and schedule later.

Do it while you have everyone’s attention.

Follow Up

Following up may be the most critical element for effective virtual meetings.

This may seem obvious as well but, when you schedule a follow-up you need to follow through.

It’s amazing to me how many people don’t follow through on follow-up.

This is when things get done.

The follow-up is where clients are earned and sales are made.

Be a follow-up machine.

Why Use Uberconference for Your Virtual Meetings?

1. Easy to Use Interface

The user interface for Uberconference is very simple to use.

The audio controls for meetings make it easy to mute and unmute the group or individuals.

2. Easy to Share

Uberconference gives you your own customized URL to share.

You can send the dial-in number with the pin.

Scheduling virtual meeting is easy and you can share right from the platform.

3. Great Value

The tools and options you get with the FREE version of this service are awesome.

For an independent business owner or small organization you just can’t beat the value.


I hope you found value with today’s post.

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To Your Success!

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