How’s your Twitter engagement rate?

Increasing your social media engagement should be the highest priority for your social media marketing.

On Twitter, engagement is critical as it is will most platforms.

In today’s post I explain what Twitter engagement rate is and I give you 5 tips to increase your engagement on Twitter.


What the heck is Twitter engagement rate?

An engagement on Twitter includes likes, retweets and replies to a tweet.

To determine the Twitter engagement rate you use the following equation:

(Likes + Retweets + Replies)/Impressions

You can look at the Twitter engagement rate for individual tweets or for your entire Twitter account.

Go to your Twitter analytics to check out your Twitter engagement rate stats for your tweets.

5 Tips To Increase Twitter Engagement Rate

1. Tweet Without Links

You shouldn’t have an offer in every tweet.

Twitter is for conversation.

Tweets with links are okay but don’t make it every tweet.

Generally you’ll get more engagement with conversational posts without links.

2. Hashtags

Using the right hashtags will help your Twitter engagement rate.

The key here is to find the right hashtags for your niche.

Hastagify.com is a great tool to search for hashtags related to your niche or industry.

Don’t go nuts with hashtags.

One or two hashtags is all you should use on any given tweet.

3. Add Images

Social media is all about the visuals these days.

It’s getting to be more common to see tweets images than to see tweets without images.

You can use Canva.com to create images that are optimized specifically to be included with Tweets.

Another great resource I just came across is Twitshot.com.

Twitshot.com allows you to create a tweet and it searches for related images that you can include with your tweets.

Very cool.

4. Tweet at the Right Time

Generally speaking the afternoon and evening hours in the United States are the best hours to be tweeting.

However, your industry might have times that are more specific.

Check your tweet analytics and find out where the largest percentage of your audience resides.

You can also try Tweriod.com to get your tweets analyzed for optimal times.

5. Reciprocate and Retweet

Don’t be a tool!

Follow back.

If you want to get engagement from your followers then you need to follow them back.

Show them you are human and are interested in your followers.

Unless your a mega-celebrity there is no reason you shouldn’t be following back.

If you don’t you’re a tool.

You also need to show engagement to get others to engage with your content.

If you are not liking and retweeting others content your Twitter engagement rate will suffer.

I hope you found some value with these 5 tips to increase your Twitter engagement rate. If you did please like, comment and share.


To Your Success!

Steve Stark