In a previous post, I explained WHY you need to be using video for your small business.

In this post, I discuss HOW you can use video for your small business.

Take action and pick one of the following 11 ways to use video for small business marketing.

Using Video for Small Business Marketing

1. Product Demo

Can your potential customers envision using your product from a few stock images?

Maybe. To be certain, give them a video that shows them exactly how your product works.

Let them see your product in action so they can imagine themselves using your product.

Explain and show them the benefits of using your product.

Benefits sell.

How will your product change their lives?

Show them how with video.

2. Service Demo

Much like a product demo, you need to allow your potential customers to see your service in action.

How are you currently helping customers with your service?

What other successful projects has your service worked on?

Give them actual examples in a video so they can envision your service working for their needs.

Let’s say you window treatment company.

Set up a GoPro camera and go through the steps of installing the window treatment.

You could either edit the video down to main points or do a time lapse video of the install.

This can be adapted to literally any service provider.

It showcases your products and more importantly, your expertise.

3. Day in the Life

People want more from brands today.

They want an experience not just a product or a service.

What is a day like in your store or office?

This is especially powerful for storefront brands.

With Instagram stories and Snapchat, brands can easily create a “day in the store”.

What you might think mundane, daily store activity others may find very interesting.

Share your day and let your customers experience your day.

4. Behind the Scenes

While very similar to the Day in the Life, a behind the scenes look really lifts the kimono on your business.

Share some of the “how to” of your business.

If you make a physical product, what’s the production process like?

Maybe you have components made. How does that work?

If you have a service company then you can really dig into some of the “tricks of your trade”.

Don’t be afraid of giving away “too much” information by teaching something.

This is a great way to demonstrate your expertise.

So many business owners are freaked out about giving away their secrets.

Don’t be. Teach and demonstrate expertise.

If you have some proprietary things about your business that you aren’t comfortable letting people see, it’s ok.

There are plenty of aspects of your business that you can share.

5. Live Events

Live streaming is incredibly hot now and it’s not going to slow down any time soon.

Do you have events happening in or around your storefront?

Are you attending any events for your business in your community?

Or maybe your going to a seminar to learn more about your industry?

All of these provide content that your customers and potential customers are likely to find interesting.

With live video you can give your followers a chance to experience something they otherwise would be unable to experience.

Be sure to announce where you are going to be in advance.

Let people know what you are expecting to do, see or experience.

Stream it and have fun with it.

6. Testimonials

Social proof is powerful! Before you buy something on Amazon, what is the first thing you look at? For me it’s the star rating and the reviews.

I want to know what others think of the product I’m considering to purchase.

How many times have you purchased something because your friend recommended it?

We all base purchases on the experiences of others.

Add customer testimonials or product reviews to your website.

Get some solid video testimonials and it will definitely increase your sales.

7. How You Got started

Stories sell.

So many entrepreneurs have great stories about how they got started.

What’s your story? Even if you don’t think it’s all that interesting.

People want to know how your business got started.

What experience have you had?

What were the struggles you faced in getting your business started?

As a business owner, I’m sure you’ve had challenges with your business.

Share those challenges and tell your story.

8. Industry News

What’s happening in your industry?

How is your company reacting to changes in the marketplace?

Let your customers and potential customers know what’s happening and where you stand in your industry.

If your customers know that you are staying on top of trends you can build more confidence with buyers and get more repeat sales.

Do a short recorded video or Facebook live video each week to discuss industry happenings.

This will again showcase your expertise and create some buzz around your business.

9. Interview Experts

First and foremost, YOU want to be viewed as an expert in your field.

This is why writing articles and shooting demo videos of what you do are great ways to market you business.

You can also interview other experts in your industry.

Find experts who in your field who may have related businesses but not necessarily competitors.

Forming collaborations will be good for both businesses.

If you have employees, you can also interview them to showcase their skills. In both cases, a live Facebook video or even an Instagram story would be great platforms for a short interview.

10. Thank Your Customers

Everyone loves to be recognized! If you want customers to recommend you and your business then start by showing them some love.

Be thankful in your store and on social media.

Make sure that you know your best customers by name and then thank them by name in a short video on social media or your website.

People want to know that you know them.

If you make that effort you and your business will be memorable and you’ll create raving fans.

11. Promotions

If you do promotions for your business then you should be creating short videos to explain your promotions.

Embed them on the home page of your site and share them to social media.

This will help keep your content fresh and up-to-date.

You could even do a training or demo video along with a related promotion.


I hope you found value with today’s post learning how to use video for small business marketing.

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To Your Success!

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