Having trouble deciding on WordPress business themes?

Choosing your theme can be tough.

It’s important that a theme fit you and your business.

In today’s video I go over what to look for in a WordPress business theme and give you my top 3 themes for marketing.

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Features to Look For in WordPress Business Themes


Mobile has overtaken desktop for internet search in the United States.

What does that mean for your business?

Your website HAS TO be easily viewed on mobile devices.

A responsive theme automatically optimizes the look of your site for the device your viewers are using.

When you consider a theme today it must be responsive.


The design of your WordPress business theme must fit you and your business.

Think about what kind of visuals you want for website.

Most themes offer multiple layouts.

Be sure that one appeals to how you want to present your content.

Easy to Customize

All of the really good WordPress business themes are easily customizable.

You want to be able to add your own style to your website.

Having a user friendly interface for customization will help you be more creative with your site.

Some themes also have great page templates that allow you to easily create your own capture pages.

For marketer’s this is an essential tool.


Security is a major concern online.

Be sure that the theme you choose is from a trusted developer.

Read the comments about the theme.

Look at how many times it’s been downloaded.

If the theme is being recommended by others it’s unlikely that there are any major security issues.a

My Top 3 WordPress Business Themes

Optimize Press Theme is one of the most popular theme for internet marketers. It’s highly customizable and has great tools for marketing.

(Cost: $97)

WordPress business themes - OptimizePress

Divi Theme is by Elegant Themes. This is another very flexible theme with 18 pre-made layouts.

(Cost: $69 Annual Membership to Elegant Themes)

WordPress business themes - Divi

Flex Pro Theme is built on the Genesis Platform. Like it’s name implies, this is a very flexible and customizable theme.


WordPress business themes - Flex Pro

Free WordPress Business Themes

If you are looking for some options for free WordPress business themes here are several suggestions.


Zerif Lite



When you are just starting out these free themes are great options.

As you grow your business and increase the complexity of your marketing plan, one of the more advanced premium WordPress business themes will be a better fit.

I hope you found some value learning how to choose a WordPress business theme. If you did please like, comment and share.

To Your Success!

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