Know, Like & Trust.

The three things that are critical for success in any business.

Our first goal as business owners is letting people know who we are.

We can do this online by sharing on social media and driving traffic to our websites.

If we create compelling content that speaks to our visitors we have a good chance of having them like us too.

Trust, however, always takes time and patience.

As a business owner, it feels great to get others to know your brand and like your content.

But trust is how we convert fans into customers.

In today’s video we’ll discuss 5 ways you can build trust online with your website.


5 Tips To Build Trust Online with Your Website

1. Make serving others your top priority.

The best way to build trust is to serve others.

Let me restate that.

The best way to build trust online is to serve others WITHOUT expected anything in return.

The content on your website should to focus on serving the needs of your target market.

What questions can you answer?

What experiences have you had that can help your readers?

When people realize that you are genuinely trying to help them without selling to them, you’ll build trust and create avid followers.

2. Use testimonials to provide social proof.

Testimonials are a powerful way to build trust.

People want to know that others trust you.

When you are doing the right things with your business, social proof will build on itself.

People will share your content and tell others about you and your business.

This can create a buzz and make your business go viral.

3. Share your life.

Let people get to know YOU.

Even if you don’t think your life is all that interesting… share.

People are interested in how your business and you work behind the scenes.

Lift the kimono and give them a peek.

How do you provide the service you provide?

How do you create the products you sell?

What’s a day in the life of a small business owner?

Know matter what you do, your job is to tell your story. - @garyvee #contentmarketing #tellyourstory Share on X

The things you take for granted or find tedious might just interest people.

Sharing this usually brings more interest to your brand and helps you build trust online.

4. Be truthful.

Lies cannot build trust.

This seems obvious but in business many people like to embellish their success.

Or… they massively overstate what they can do for someone.

“Earn $10,000 your first month in business.”

“Become a 6-figure earner with no investment and just an hour of work each day.”


You can’t fake it and build trust online.

Be real with people.

They will feel it if you aren’t real.

It’s okay to promise something but you better be able to deliver.

Making outrageous claims that you cannot back up will destroy any chance of visitors to your site trusting you.

Be honest about your business and your experiences.

People flock to that.

They want to know that you were once where they are now.

5. Trust others.

It’s difficult to trust others.

Even in close relationships, trust is often tested regularly.

When you have people that make a mistake or disappoint you in some way be generous and forgiving.

Most people are not out to be mean or make mistakes on purpose.

Give them the benefit of the doubt and your generosity will be rewarded with their trust.

I hope you found value with today’s post.

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To Your Success!

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