Capturing leads and converting them into customers is critical for the success of your business. One way to gain leads is by using a lead magnet funnel. A lead magnet funnel is a method of acquiring leads by offering them something valuable in exchange for their contact information.

Lead magnets can take various forms, from a free e-book to a free video series, but the ultimate goal is to get their email address. In this blog post, we will discuss how to create a successful lead magnet funnel for your business.

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The Structure of a Lead Magnet Funnel

lead magnet funnel structure

NureThe diagram above maps out the structure of the lead magnet funnel. The elements include:

  • Opt-In Page
  • Thank You Page
  • Sales Page with Order Form/Checkout
  • Sales Thank You Page
  • Email Welcome (Nurture) Sequence
  • Sales Email Sequence
  • Lead Magnet

Building Your Lead Magnet

video series lead magnet

The first step in creating a successful lead magnet funnel is identifying the right lead magnet. Your lead magnet should be both valuable to your target audience and relevant to your business. For example, if you own a pet grooming salon, an e-book on how to care for your dog’s coat during the winter months may be a valuable and relevant lead magnet. Once you have decided on the right lead magnet, you will need to create it and decide how to deliver it.

Once you have decided on the right lead magnet, it is time to create it. The easiest way to create a lead magnet is to repurpose existing content that you have already created, such as blog posts or videos. Alternatively, you can create new content specifically for your lead magnet. Make sure that your lead magnet is visually appealing and provides real value to your target audience.

Consider how you want to deliver your lead magnet. What medium will you use to present your lead magnet? Some of the most popular lead magnet formats are PDF downloads, webinar recordings, video series, and free consultations.

For more information on building an effective lead magnet read our article, “11 Keys to Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet”.

Creating a Landing Page

opt in page

Your next step is to build a landing page that will convince your target audience to download your lead magnet. A landing page is a stand-alone web page designed specifically for this purpose. Your landing page should be visually appealing and clearly explain the benefits of your lead magnet.

Avoid distractions such as links to your blog or social media pages. Keep the focus on the call-to-action for your lead magnet. This should be the only link on the page.

Don’t get to wordy or hit them with too much content on this page. Be concise with the call-to-action at the top of the page (above the fold). If you add information stick to a quick bio for you and possibly a handful of testimonials. This is not a full sales page. Get them to act quickly.

Build a Thank You Page

lead magnet thank you page

Once someone has completed the form to request your lead magnet, they should be directed to a thank-you page. This page should provide them with the next steps, such as joining your email list or following you on social media. You can also use this page to upsell other products or services that you offer.

Our favorite lead magnet thank you page is a simple video thank you. As seen in the image above, you’ll have a progression bar at the top to give the effect that they’re not quite done yet. Then you let them know that the lead magnet is on it’s way in an email. You should always deliver the lead magnet in an email. This gets your leads conditioned to open your emails. This is critical to creating an effective email nurture campaign.

In the video, thank the new lead for their interest in the lead magnet, introduce yourself, and give them a little information on what they are receiving with the lead magnet and how it’s going to help them. You can also present a very subtle offer to the product you are selling and direct them to the large button below the video. That button will lead to a full sales page for that product. Don’t make this a hard sell. Let your sales page and email campaign do the heavy lifting to get the sale.

Designing an Email Welcome Sequence

email sequences

Once someone has opted in for your lead magnet, it’s essential to continue nurturing them through an email sequence. This sequence should provide valuable content related to the lead magnet and slowly introduce them to your products or services. Strike while the iron is hot! Send 5-7 emails on consecutive days. While you don’t want send too many at once, as this can overwhelm potential customers, you also want to keep providing value and stay top-of-mind as they’re using your lead magnet.

Our favorite welcome/nurture sequence contains the following:
Day 1 – Welcome (with access to lead magnet)
Day 2 – Did you get this? (another welcome with access to the lead magnet in case they missed the first)
Day 3 – Additional value email (provide more related value-driven content)
Day 4 – Additional value email (provide more related value-driven content)
Day 5 – Sneak Peak of your product (another soft sales pitch)
Day 6 – Additional value email (provide more related value-driven content)
Day 7 – Full sales email for your product

Sales Page for Your Product

sales page

Once a lead has gone through your nurture sequence, they should be presented with a full sales page for your product or service. This sales page should include all the information about your product or service, including its benefits and features, testimonials from satisfied customers, and a clear call-to-action to purchase. Make sure to also provide an incentive to buy, such as a limited-time discount or bonus.

Sales Thank You Page

sales thank you page

Just like with your lead magnet opt-in page, it’s essential to have a thank-you page for when someone completes a purchase. This page should confirm their purchase and provide them with any necessary information, such as login details or delivery instructions. You can also use this page to upsell other products or services that complement the one they just purchased.

Sales Email Sequence

After someone makes a purchase, don’t forget about them! It’s essential to continue nurturing your customers and building a relationship with them. This can be done through an email sequence that provides valuable content related to their purchase, asks for feedback or reviews, and presents opportunities for repeat purchases or referrals. 

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