Video streaming software is advancing quickly.

Facebook Live has exploded in popularity and marketers are going all in.

We are actually starting to see advertising for Facebook Live in TV spots.

Something Facebook has not done with any other feature in the past.

Obviously Facebook feels live streaming is the future of their platform.

When Facebook launched Live you could only broadcast from your phone.

While they still haven’t given us the option to go Live from our desktops, live video streaming software is starting to become more available.

Some of the live video streaming software is cumbersome and difficult to use.

However, I just found a program that I love called JustBroadcaster.

( At the time of this article JustBroadcaster is only available for Mac.)

In today’s video I’m going to show you some of the features of JustBroadcaster and how easy it is to use.

JustBroadcaster Live Video Streaming Software Features

1. Broadcast to Facebook Live from your desktop.

Just what so many marketers want for Facebook Live….

the ability to broadcast EASILY from their desktop.

Looking at the other option for desktop broadcasting, JustBroadcaster is the simplest program to use.

Several people I know use the Open Broadcaster Software (OPS).

More than a few of those people have had big struggles getting the kinks ironed out with that software.

With JustBroadcaster, I was up and running same day with no issues.

2. Screen and application capture.

Not only can you broadcast from your camera but you can share your screens as well.

This is an incredible feature for anyone who is providing training of educational content.

The picture in picture and side-by-side feature allow for some great screen sharing options.

You can also connect your iPhone or iPad to display iOS applications.

3. Recording

With this live video streaming software you can record directly to your local machine.

This is an excellent time-saving feature for repurposing your content.

Instead of having to take the time to download from Facebook, your video is ready to be shared wherever you like, right away.

4. Effects.

If you want to ad a little pizazz to your live stream?

With JustBroadcaster you can add filters, logos and Facebook overlays.

5. Templates.

The templates are my favorite feature of this live video streaming software.

With these 15 templates you can be VERY creative with your broadcast.

Again, the picture-in-picture is great for training and educational content.

Use the side=by-side template and a program like Skype and you can do interviews through your Facebook Live stream.

6. Text overlays.

Videos on Facebook are set to mute by default.

The text on your video can make all the difference to get viewers to stop and watch.

JustBroadcaster has a couple options for text overlays.

You can create a custom lower third graphic.


You can use scrolling text.

7. Multi-camera capability.

Do you want to do in studio interviews?

With the multi-camera feature you can pull from whatever video sources you have connected to your computer.

Set up a couple cameras and you can do interviews or give your audience a couple angles of your presentation.

Any way you do it, Facebook Live needs to be a part of the marketing plan for your business.

The live video streaming software JustBroadcaster is a great way to take full advantage.

I hope you found value with today’s post.

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To Your Success!

Steve Stark